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SYMFO is an integrated Software System for Microfinance Operations, designed and structured to meet the business logic needs of different Microfinance Institutions. symfo is developed based on best practice core processes and work flows, which enables optimized processes, enhanced services, increase in productivity & efficiency, reduced cost and timely response to your customer needs. symfo comes with an integrated accounting system allowing generation of unified Microfinance Institution Operations and Finance Reports.


Simple to Deploy Its development tools and model enable quick turn around times for deployment and support, and eliminates risk of vendor lock in. We are always adding new features and functionality to symfo based on our customer feedback.

Connect Unlimited Number of Branches and System Users Symfo Central Database System allows MFIs to connect Unlimited Number of Branches and System Users. This feature of the system empowers MFIs to increase their outreach and access to clients in remote areas in a cost effective manner.
Availability & Support We guarantee a system availability/uptime of 24x7 our dedicated support team is available full-time to respond to our client’s quires or resolve any problems they are facing.
Scalability & Security It is stable, highly scalable and secure. The symfo system is a massively scalable platform with integrated redundancy backup, implemented over the best rated and modern system software and security protocols.
Unlimited License symfo is free of licensing restrictions and payments based on the number of users or servers. It is not limited to a fixed number of users or by maximum transaction amounts.
Symfo SaaS implementation is a low cost investment, you don’t need to worry about IT infrastructure, storage capacity, backup, security and the people needed to manage it all.
Open Source symfo is built on industry proven open source software products and platforms.

SYMFO Features

  • User Friendly Web banking

    Our simple and intuitive graphic user interface allows entry, viewing, editing and searching of various data. Information on Clients, Loan Request, Saving & Loan Products, Charges, System Users are all easily accessible.

  • Client Management KYC (Know Your Customer)

    symfo is designed to to capture and manage Individual, Group, Family and Corporate Clients based upon microfinance best-practices. The system allows entry and upload of all necessary information about your clients.

  • Reports & Analytics

    Producing quality reports and analysis for improved strategic/business planning and decision-making, our system generates preformatted reports expected by the banking regulatory body, standard reports such as number of clients, delinquent loans, active loans, OLB, PAR, trend analysis and others. etc.

  • Dashboard

    symfo displays a dashboard which provides immediate viewing, monitoring and control over loan and other client transactions, near real time overview of distinct main office and branch performance as well as various alerts (day’s repayments, savings, loan request, late repayments etc.) 

  • Saving & Loan Management Module

    With symfo you can easily register loan requests and manage disbursement and re-imbursements with authorization levels. The system enables configuration of ‘Credit Committee’ loan appraisal checks that are automatically applied prior to any loan approval or disbursement.

  • Product Management Module

    With symfo Product Management Module you can instantly create and configure an unlimited and flexible number of Loan & Saving Products.

  • Integrated Financial Accounting System

    symfo comes with a fully integrated and ready to use Financial Accounting System. symfo can be configured to post journal entries automatically, such as transactions on loan accounts, saving accounts, interest revenue / expense and service charges.

  • System Administration

    User management features allow creation of system users, assignment of roles & permissions and assignment of users to a particular office department or branch. The system allows the definition of an office hierarchy (Head Office, Branch Office, Su-Area Office, Area Office...) and assignment of offices to the appropriate level.

  • Online Banking

    symfo provides convenient online and mobile microfinance services to clients including deposit, withdrawal and transfer transactions. Clients can view information on their accounts and generate periodic statements.

Our Services

Microfinance System Customization

We customize symfo to different MFIs according to their business logic and based upon Microfinance best practice Business Processes

Microfinance System Implementation

Our divers and dynamic team together brings extensive experience in Microfinance sector, making it easy for you to implement symfo

Training & Support

We enable our client’s system users through our intensive training and support service, so as they get the best out of symfo


We provide SaaS (Software as a Service), which enable business companies to cut their IT infrastructure investment and operation cost significantly